Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Big Girl Room

Since moving into the "old house" I have been collecting art for Sister-girl's "big girl room".  I'm not one to stress over when my kiddos give up the crib so in general I was in no rush but, as the collection was growing larger, so was my anticipation.  Each piece purchased so far has a memory or meaning behind it, and it is such an eclectic mix ~ but it is so incredibly SISTER-GIRL!  

I really adore her room.  It's complete enough for me to truly love spending time in there with her and yet it was designed so that we can continue to add to the collection, so the fun will continue!

The rug was my inspiration for the room ~ I loved the vibrancy (again, so true to this child!) and I R-E-A-L-L-Y loved the green.  You bet I was scared toting that rug into Lowe's and having them mix paint to match having never seen it painted before, but wow, I am so completely in love with it!

The headboard was a DIY by my Lifetime Love; an antique mantle with family history that we painted and filled with a fabric inset.

Sweet Sister-girl, what special memories adorn your wall!

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