Thursday, June 5, 2014

Essential Oil Pops

pineapple + orange essential oil = one yummy pop!

When I got the opportunity to join in on the Essentially Summer Recipe series, I must tell you....I was completely new to the idea of cooking with essential oils!  A quick spin around the blog and you can quickly see that I'm certainly not new to essential oils, in many ways I credit Young Living for giving us so many healthy & joy filled days....but, cooking with "oils"??

Now that we are on the last day of the series, aren't you all so incredibly inspired?  Each day it has made me soooo hungry and I'm eager to try so many of the recipes shared!  Did you see the Homemade Icecream that Marcie shared? 

We've been hearing the sounds of the icecream truck in the neighborhood frequently with the arrival of summer, so that meant I had to get busy creating a {healthier} treat to have on hand.

Let me just tell you, these are sooo incredibly simple to make!

1 (32 oz) container of vanilla yogurt
1 (20 oz) can of crushed pineapple
6 drops of Young Living Orange Essential Oil

If you have fresh pineapple on hand, that would be great too! I simply opted for a can of crushed because I had it on hand and was trying to make it as quick & easy as possible!

I mixed all the ingredients in a glass bowl and filled all the popsicle molds.  This recipe made enough for 12 traditional "popsicles" and 6 of the silicone pop molds (see below).  The traditional molds set up super fast, about 4 1/2 hours and they were ready!  The silicone molds take 5-6 hours.  This gave us a light tropical flavored popsicle that we all just loved!

Do you have someone who is dairy intolerant in your household?  It seems this is so common.

The silicone molds are really great for so many reasons....I personally prefer them with my children because they are much less of a mess than traditional popsicles!  They work more like the old school "push pops" and I thought that making a dairy free "icee type pop" would be perfect for these.  We filled some with the yogurt mixture from above, but for some we simply mixed the can of crushed pineapple with the six drops of Young Living Orange Essential Oil. They turned out great!  What a great alternative for those who can't have dairy!

I'm so glad that I've ventured into some new uses for my Young Living Essential Oils!  I hope you will spend a few minutes more here reading about the many reasons why I love "oils" and consider taking the plunge into the world of essential oils if you have not already!  You will see many of my most popular "oily post" in the right margin and may click here to read about how to order a Premium Kit and join my team.  

 Be sure to head over to read the Double Chocolate Peppermint Brownies recipe that is next in the series!

I'm thankful you stopped by the Essentially Summer Series!  Know that I have monthly oily specials listed HERE

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Prayer Alarms

As I approached 2014 I spent some time thinking about personal improvements that I needed to make for myself (and my family as well).  It had become glaringly apparent to me that the majority of my prayers revolved around teaching my children to pray.  I had and always have been faithful to stopping and praying with them multiple times throughout the day, however when praying with my four year old & two year old, no doubt there are things I'm not mentioning when with them.  

I needed to pray more about my marriage, my role as a Mother, and my business - and especially juggling it all.  Sure, I was praying about these things at least once during the day, but ONCE?  Is once enough, really?  Even more, if I was only praying once, was I exhausted when it finally occurred....well, of course! I wish I could tell you I was "better" and doing "more" all along.  I'm being honest here - and what I can tell you is that I took note and made changes and now I am doing BETTER and MORE and you know what?  Wow, I am reaping the benefits!

Prayer Alarms have changed me and my prayer life.  Yes, I have a million and one distractions in my life right now, but having alarms, on my cell phone, set periodically to go off throughout my day as a reminder to stop and pray has been a huge {yet simple} blessing to me.

Try it.  I promise only good will come from it!

1 Chronicles 16:11 - Seek the LORD and his strength, seek his face continually.

Psalm 145:18 - The LORD is near to all who call on him, to all who call on Him in truth.

Colossians 4:2 -  Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.

1 Thessalonians 5:17 - Pray without ceasing.

James 5:16 -Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed . The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

Wishing you much GOODNESS - Katy

Yes, the blog has turned into all-things Essential Oils.  My apologies if you have been following along looking for DIY's, recipes, and thrifting GOODNESS.  Here's the deal.  Everyday I get a message from a team member sharing how they are feeling better, sleeping better, having less struggles with their children, overcoming illness faster and weaning from prescriptions.  It is rewarding y'all.  Rewarding in ways I never imagined.  So truthfully, the blog is primarily about Essential Oils because they are changing my life and my family's life in ways I never thought is beautiful and I thank you for letting me veer from "my" path to following His plan for our family.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

So I'm opening a little shop on Etsy...

Truthfully my passion is selling essential oils because nothing thrills me more than to see people be healed through natural means ~ but, having said that, I still have an awful lot of creative bones that get the best of me at times!  I'm pretty certain I have been crafting since I learned to walk ((I know this because I see this in my Jules all the time!))

I'm putting my creative bones to work!

All pieces are handmade and all designs are made custom by ME!  I'm a lover of quotes and I create things that speak to me and are near and dear to my heart.

All of the jewelry is antique copper and pairs well with all things vintage!  I've collected lots of bronze and rust tone items from flea markets and yard sales that I like to mix with this jewelry collection and it all works together nicely ;)  

Sure, I'm sharing some pictures here, but there are more designs in the shop, and more designs in the works ---> so check the shop both now, and later!

And, while we are speaking of accessories ~

I'm also stocking some of these versatile burlap pins in the shop.  I love to add them to purses, bags, and hats!  Mostly I love that they are pins, so I can place them where I want and move them to whatever I want, based on my need {aka, mood}.

I trust you'll want to take a look in the SHOP, which officially opens for a quick sale ((just in time for Valentine's Day!)) on Monday, January 20th at 10am central time.  

Oh, and you might want to check out my dear friend The Barefoot Seamstress - she might just have a deal for you!

Thank you for supporting handmade, friends!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Big Girl Room

Since moving into the "old house" I have been collecting art for Sister-girl's "big girl room".  I'm not one to stress over when my kiddos give up the crib so in general I was in no rush but, as the collection was growing larger, so was my anticipation.  Each piece purchased so far has a memory or meaning behind it, and it is such an eclectic mix ~ but it is so incredibly SISTER-GIRL!  

I really adore her room.  It's complete enough for me to truly love spending time in there with her and yet it was designed so that we can continue to add to the collection, so the fun will continue!

The rug was my inspiration for the room ~ I loved the vibrancy (again, so true to this child!) and I R-E-A-L-L-Y loved the green.  You bet I was scared toting that rug into Lowe's and having them mix paint to match having never seen it painted before, but wow, I am so completely in love with it!

The headboard was a DIY by my Lifetime Love; an antique mantle with family history that we painted and filled with a fabric inset.

Sweet Sister-girl, what special memories adorn your wall!