Monday, November 25, 2013

The Barefoot Seamstress - store is OPEN!

So, I have this dear friend....Becky.

Becky and I met through Instagram and it was just an immediate friendship.  I was living on the farm then and I can recall how even the most simple comments she would write on my photos would brighten my day.  I could tell I adored her style and one trip to her blog, The BarefootSeamstress, made me fall crazy in love with her talent.  "Seamstress" is never a word I could use to describe myself, but y'all, seriously - she is soooo GOOD!

Becky loves burlap, vintage fabrics and all sorts of scrappy goodness.  Know what else she likes?  Plaid + Lace.  These Plaid + Lace inifinity scarves are just ahhhmazing!  {You're going to want to nudge your hubby and tell him these are a MUST for Christmas!}  I'm not sure what color to choose...both, just maybe!
See this adorable garland?  I'm. In. Love.

Well, I'm pretty much in love with it all -

Good news - Becky is reopening her Etsy store NOW and you can run over and use my coupon code to get a little of this GOODNESS for yourself!
You can find & follow her here:
Let's bless Becky and her sweet family, friends....I adore her so!

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