Monday, October 14, 2013

This child of mine...

The ramblings of a Mommy with a two year old redhead...

My Rooney moves at a slow pace and stops to smell the flowers....he's a noticer and has taught me to enjoy the small things.  I recall being so head over heels with him that I just couldn't imagine having anything other than another boy.  A girl, something so incredibly common in our family, just seemed like something foreign to me as a Mom.  I knew dirt, tractors, and bugs.  I was good at dirt, tractors, and bugs and quite frankly was terrified of bows, glitter, and pink.  ((Confession: I think baby pink still scares me. So not comfortable with it.))

Two years.  Two whole years I've been experimenting with this being a "Mom of a girl" thing.  It's really all a blur to me.  The days have certainly not been long with this child. She moves at zip speed. She's a mover & a shaker and some days I feel like I'm on a thrill ride just trying to hang on.  My Rooney I have always been able to explain so accurately, and yet this child of mine....well, she leaves me speechless so much of the time.  She has an incredible sense of love & nurturing - but can be fierce in a flash.  She sees no fear.  She's passionate about what she wants.  She's an incredible communicator, words or no words, her intentions have always been clear.  She adores jewelry, makeup, clothes & markers, and is proving rather talented in high heels too. Much to my surprise she loves a good pile of dirt or mud puddle like her brother and he has taught her the fine art of tractor play.  She has loved fabric and art, like her Momma, since birth (crazy, yes, but it's IN her).  She's a pro at spotting Jeeps and eats all. day. long. She never really wanted to be a baby.  Never.  I felt cheated for a bit, if I'm being honest.  In the days before turning two she has been asking me to sit and hold her before bed and let her "be baby".  I would hold her forever if she would "be baby".  I'll take it, so glad she just finally decided it was ok.

She's always had attention.  She doesn't feel like she needs it.  It has just always been there - flaming red hair drawing everyone to her.  Everyone sees her beauty on the outside.  It's my daily prayer that I can guide her & help mold her to have a beautiful heart that all will see.  Sure, I love her hair, but her beauty on the inside is what's important.

((And as I have been typing she has been painting her face "sea foam green" with a marker.))

This child of mine...what beauty she fills my world with. 



So glad God chose to give me a boy and a GIRL.  Happy birthday sweet Sister-girl!


  1. Katy, you have such a wonderful way with words. Your children are beautiful. Happy Birthday, Sister-girl.

    1. Thanks so much! I have my own grammar rules, so when I write I am nerrrrvous about what people think! Your kind comments are appreciated.

  2. I love this! You are so very talented! And beautiful, inside and out! I love you guys so very much!!

    1. Such kind words friend! You're so appreciated!