Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Globe Goodness

Globes excite me.   I had a strong affection for globes & maps long before they really became the hot ticket item.  I can't explain it.  It's a sickness I suppose.  Likely goes hand in hand with my addiction to traveling!
Below is a "before" of my dining room that I shared last week on Instagram.

The quality from my phone is lacking compared to my dslr, but I really wanted to share the Instagram photo because I felt like it gave such an accurate account of the paint color.  I ADORE this wall paint color, but honestly it is a nightmare to photograph!  This photo captured it so accurately though!  What's wrong with the before?  That globe that seems to be screaming Petty racecar blue against that wall color!  I purchased the globe long before I had the dining room painted and I really like the height of it - but, that COLOR had to change! Whoosh, it was working a number over on that beautiful paint color!

In addition to my love for globes (and maps, and leaves, and trees, and pumpkins, and houses, and coffee, etc), I also rrreally love quotes!  I've got notebooks full of them and a Pinterest board full as well! I have seen so many beautifully painted globes on Pinterest & Instagram, but let's be honest....I would stress wayyy too much if I freehanded it.  Sure, I could freehand it and put it in your house, but I would criticize it FOREVER in my own home!  So, thankgoodness for the Silhouette!  What an awesome tool!  There are a million tutorials on using a Silhouette so I'm not out to attempt that - I'm just hoping to inspire some of you ;)  The beauty of this little project was that it really didn't matter what color of vinyl I used to apply the quote, I was out to cover all that bright blue and then remove the vinyl.

I opted for black as there are black distressed bookshelves in the room also.  I simply painted multiple coats over the entire globe, vinyl quote & all!
The Silhouette "hook tool" really worked perfectly for lifting the vinyl without damaging the actual globe.

Yes, I do believe I'm in love!

What a difference, right?!  It toned it down sooo much, and I love the uniqueness that it has amongst the collection now!


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