Sunday, October 27, 2013

Country Living Fair at Stone Mountain

Last October was my first time to attend a Country Living (Magazine) Fair.  I love-love-love Country Living Magazine ((like no other magazine compares)), so as soon as I heard about the Fair I knew it was a MUST for me.  The inspiration was just overwhelming and even when we found out we were moving farther away, I knew I would return in 2013!

So I've been telling friends for months that it is better than excites the creative bones in me and gives me a crafty high!  Now several have stated they are waiting with anticipation to see what "finds" I have returned with.  Those who know me well know that I junk, hunt, & gather nonstop, so honestly - it's not about "finding" any special item.  The thrill of the hunt for me is at salvage, junk, & thrift stores.  The Country Living Fair to me is just all about bringing home loads of inspiration.  Booth after booth of folks repurposing e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g and craft vendors that are true artisans. 



There were smalls & bigs, rusty & shiny, old & new......collection upon collection... each item just waiting to be added to YOUR personal collection!

And, if you're a fabric lover ((ok, hoarder)) like myself, then the goods using textiles, well- they really speak to you -

There's garden goodness...

t-shirt goodness...

plate goodness.... (I'm a little mad I didn't buy these below)

display goodness...

book goodness...

and pumpkins & chippy paint goodness!

 I mentioned artisans....well, that is truly what these people are!  Country Living does a great job of accepting vendors who have beautiful craftsmanship & quality products!

There was loads of handmade goodness but several preferred no photos of their items - I'm going to now bite my tongue and continue on as I know this is a hugely controversial topic in the handmade world these days.  What I will say it this - many thanks to those who were truly happy to provide inspiration.  And, there were some vendors who were more than accomodating for photos, fabulously friendly, and were thrilled to see others appreciate the beauty in their work - I will be passing along some contact information for those nice folks later this week.  I'm sure they'd love to connect with you on Facebook or have you follow along on Instagram or even check out their online stores.  You know, if you believe in rewarding happy hearts like I do.

My wheels are turning and my craft room is calling...I'm completely filled with joy having seen all this creativity in one place!  It truly is the pages of the magazine coming to life- give me a few days to recover from the drive home with the two year old & four year old and I'm sure I will be talking about making reservations for 2014  ((the campground was pretty great ya' know!)).


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