Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Confessions of a Semi-Crunchy

((Ramblings maybe... Ramblings of a Semi-Crunchy, perhaps!  Somedays my mind is spinning and this is one of them-))

A Semi Whhhat?  I can see my parents face right now reading this! Ha!  That's ok....my Momma's pretty Crunchy too!

If you know the true definition of "Crunchy" then let me start by saying that I would never call myself a liberal and I find that often that is tied to this definition - so, I'm "Semi-Crunchy."

I'm Crunchy in the baby wearing, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, holistic remedies, homemaking, homeschooling, whole foods, upcycling everything kinda way.

Let's get technical...

I choose to wear my sweet babies....I see the benefit in touch, and I can't bare to put them down!

Co-sleeping.  For me, I do it as long as it works.  I won't criticize you in the least for either doing it or not doing it, just know that I'm perfectly ok with it in my home and you don't have to feel like you have to hide it if you co-sleep with your babies.  Have a family bed?  I get it.  Seriously, I do. 

Breastfeeding.  Done & done. Easy?  Nope, not always.  Hugely stressful at times?  Uh, yes!  Totally worth it in my opinion? Uh, yes!

Bothered by vaccines? Yes!  (Read more on that HERE)

Cooking in coconut oil, drinking almond milk (yikes alive at pasteurized dairy milk), gluten free, anti-processed, homemaking all I can bare to....and trying so super hard to be 'wise' in eating out ((I'm making progress friends!))

Medicine cabinet that now consist of probiotics, activated charcoal, local honey, a few herbs, & lots of essential oils.  Thieves oil on my feet, Thieves oil on my teeth, and Thieves oil as my household cleaners.  It's kinda my favorite...can you tell?

My favorite reading material is about holistic care, whole foods, and homemade chemical-free products.

I'm washing my hair in baking soda & apple cider vinegar (gasp!)....

Yep.  I've fallen off the wagon, right?

Or, I've just gotten back to the basics maybe?

Tonight as I cooked dinner I just kept thinking "this is a labor of love" - honestly, I was saying it with a huffy attitude at first.  Then it clicked.  I'm cooking a healthy meal for my family --- shouldn't it be a labor of love?  Isn't it the mindset of "quick & easy" that took both our healthcare and our food supply sooo far away from the basics?

I have dear friends who I love and adore who are educators in public school.....I appreciate them and because of that, I'm just going to say that I will homeschool.  Period.  It's a personal decision for our family, but it is without a doubt another reason I'm called Semi-Crunchy ;)

Upcycling and repurposing?  It is just in my bones to see how "junk" can be repurposed.  I'm seeing as much GOODNESS in everything that I can!

Yep, Semi-Crunchy, Sam I Am.... A Semi-Crunchy who just wants to get back to the basics....oh, and you know, feel great while doing it!

How Crunchy are you?

-------> wondering what all this "essential oil" talk is about?  well, I first saw it mentioned on blogs myself....you can get in the know by seeing my Essential Oils page.


  1. I'm a little bit crunchy.

    Okay, a lot. Very crunchy. ;)

    My style might not be right for everybody, and I don't try to push it on others (I hope!), but I am always willing to explain and offer support if someone has questions. :)

    1. Yes, you can teach me lots of Crunchy ways indeed! I absolutely understand my ways are not right for everyone....I struggled with this post because in a way a blog is a tell all (or most) and I think it is important that I be ME here, but I by no means want to be pushy.

      I do feel a bit of a moral responsibility to share about oils when I have seen such a positive impact they have had on our family and am aware of the current state of healthcare in America ;)