Thursday, October 17, 2013

Art + Quote = More Goodness

So you *might* have noticed in the post on Globe Goodness that I also did a little updating to the art in the dining room.  I photographed it where it didn't jump out....just to see if anyone would catch the change!

I purchased this sailing print on a thrifting/junking day with my Lifetime Love a few months after moving into the old house.  I have stated before that I am such a lover of quotes, and I really had this quote on my brain-

"While we cannot direct the wind,
   We can adjust the sails."

When we stumbled across the print the gold frame goodness is what initially attracted me to it, so perfect for the old house.  It took only a matter of minutes though for me to decide that the quote on my mind would be added to the print.  Minutes.  I could just see it already.

It was a matter of finding a font we both agreed upon.  Once that was done we (yep, my Lifetime Love helped) used the Silhouette Cameo to create the quote in vinyl, then we just applied it direct to the canvas.  Using the vinyl means the art was not permanently changed.  The vinyl will peel off should we ever decide to change it - and you know the winds shift, so who knows down the road!  For now, I'm loving it....

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