Monday, September 23, 2013

Mugswap Prize Package Goodness

What?! I just could not believe it when I was rushing around the day of Rooney's birthday party and I got a message on my phone from my mugswap partner telling me that I needed to head over to Acuppakim's blog because I had won one of the prize packages from #mugswap2013.  Me? Reallllly, ME????

I'm just not the "winner" type.  I never win anything (well, unless my Lifetime Love counts - definitely glad I won him).

So for the past few weeks goodness has been filling my mailbox.  It has felt like Christmas and certainly been better than any birthday I have ever had!

Anxious to see all the goodness?  I thought so.

This is from PenAndPaint . I "might" have done a happy dance when I read that I was going to get a print from Pen And Paint.  I've been itching to get one for over a year, following Lindsay closely on Instagram.  If you like mixers, cameras, mugs and quote goodness, run, don't walk, to her Etsy shop.  Just like I "might" have danced in excitement, I "might" have bought a few more of her prints already to add to the old house.  Pen And Paint has a great blog as well, click here to drop by...I trust you will find it inspiring!
Raising Up Rubies sent me one of her adorable mason jar garlands.  Mine says "sunshine" and was packaged with such detail I almost didn't want to open it!  I genuinely love the garland, but most of all I love that when I look at it I think of what a kind heart its maker has.  I also have been following Raising Up Rubies on Instagram and she is such a kindhearted encourager to so many!  She's genuine and it shows!

Then there was this print from Recipe For Crazy. The quote, "All I need today is a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus" is from the Kisses From Katie book  ((which is great by the way)).  I was shocked when the print arrived because the kitchen in the old house is a really unusual color and the orange tones in the print were just PERFECT with the kitchen wallpaper!  It was meant to be ;)  If you don't already follow Recipe For Crazy then let me tell you - she blows my creativity out of the water.  She's pretty much Hollywood status in my book.
There was jewelry too!  Beautiful handmade jewelry!  I picked these black earrings because lets be isn't a staple in my wardrobe, black IS my wardrobe!  You can grab yourself a pair at Wifey Singer's Etsy shop, and while you're there go ahead and order me those stellar mustard glass hoop earrings she recently posted.  Oh my word, they are amazing!
This sweet necklace is by Lovely Little Whimsy.  I stopped by her Etsy store and she has a variety of necklaces and beautiful infinity scarves as well!
The Etsy Shop Knitty Bitties sent me an adorable mug rug!  You need to click the link to the shop and see the "coffee coats" they currently have in stock (as of 9/23/13) - cutest ever!  What a sweet gift for a coffee loving friend!
The Paperie by Life Made Lovely sent themed stickers that are cauuute!  I've been following Heather on Instagram for quite some time now and she always provides such inspiration!  Getting something from her was a real treat!  Her shop has a variety of prints as well, I'm confident you will find something you love!
I love everything about this print from KatyGirl Designs. ((Her name rocks too.)) Katy has an excellent collection of prints!  What talent she has!  The colors in the print she sent me are so good with both my master bed/bath & my dining might have to "float" around a bit!
I saw the announcement about this mug ((start every morning with God)) on Instagram several weeks before the mugswap...I was instantly IN LOVE, so I just couldn't believe it when I found out it was included in the prize package!  Chrissie Grace Designs has everything.  She's one of those crafty friends who you watch & wonder if there is anything that they can't do.  Not only does she "do everything," it is all beautiful.  Hand painted globes mounted...yep, they take my breathe away.  Pillows, various hand painted items, prints - such a talented artist! Only take a look at her shop if you're ready to add some more items to your wish list, I'm sure you will fall in love too!
The Etsy shop Jenze sent "Thank You A Latte" coffee themed notecards.  The shop features several notecard sets and lovely calendars.
So, as if Kim didn't do more than enough already by organizing this swap ((for the masses, honestly!)), her kind heart sent me a package with lots of little goodies...teas, a starbucks giftcard, and fun stuff - ya know, like Sharpies!
Can you believe all the awesome sponsors?  Goodness!
What fun.  It made my month.  August was awesome y'all.  Mark your calendars for August 2014 and keep an eye on Acuppakim's blog.  The mugswap is something you will not want to miss.


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  1. ha! it was a good month wasn't it? mug swap month is for sure fantastic. :) i'm so happy you won, and you are enjoying all your treats and goodies. :)
    they are a bunch of good ones!