Friday, September 13, 2013

Four. Years. Old.

It's no secret.  I struggle with this sweet little man getting older.  I'm trying to treasure every day, but he was pretty much the best baby in the world ya know... and I can't help but want to hold on to that!  I'm pretty proud of all that he is-

(he could swing on his belly like this all day, it's his favorite)

He fills my days with talks about John Deere tractors, elephants, diggers & dozers, camping, and Jimmie Johnson.  He loves the outdoors and would spend everyday at the playground if he could.  He begs to take the Jeep everywhere and tells me he likes it when I pack a picnic best.  We've called him our Cruise Director since he was our "Little," and that still holds true...always saying "let's make a plan for tomorrow."  He prays for his friends and sings ALL.DAY.LONG.  He loves to cook and wash dishes by hand like his Momma. Maps & flashlights are a constant in his world.  His memory seriously blows my mind.  He's great with phonics but hates handwriting. He spends most of his days in costume (he has quite the collection now), and although he's a pretty knowledgeable foodie he would live off sandwiches if I would allow.  He makes me want to be a better person...everyday.

He's a clone of my Lifetime wonder I love him so!

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