Monday, September 23, 2013

For Sale, The Family Farm

It's best I keep this short & sweet.

I moved to this farm at age ten.  I loaded it full of memories through junior high and high school, left it for college and then returned there to marry my Lifetime Love.  After several years of living in other cities, this is where my Dad gave us a few acres to build our dream farmhouse at the edge of the property.  I brought my babies home from the hospital there and filled it with more memories. We sold our farmhouse due to a corporate move earlier this year, and now my parents have decided it is time to hit the road and enjoy some traveling!  I fully support this decision, but this beautiful place is just HOME to my heart! 

I'm a firm believer that a patch of grass shouldn't tie somebody down though!  I love to travel and I can understand that desire...there is beauty far & wide and now we can only pray that someone will love this place as we have for so many years.

Join me in finding the perfect owners!  Please share this post!  I'm including a few photos below, but you can view the entire listing HERE.  It is a horse lovers paradise!


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