Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day #1 and a little backstory...

I feel like I need to post a "warning, we will now interrupt your regularly scheduled programming..."

Let me be 110% truthful.  I would rather be posting photos of the chalkboard in our playroom or sharing my excitement about peanut puffs & pumpkins at Aldi for that matter, but I have this "thing" in me.  Whenever I find something REALLY GOOD, I just can't hush --- I gather all this goodness and I just have to share it.  So, nope, not my usual post ahead, but it is goodness.

((I shall also preface this by saying that some of you will think this confirms I am crazy. You might strongly disagree with a little or a lot I'm going to say.  I'm ok with that.  These are my opinions.))

The Backstory.

I read on a blog that cells were taken from aborted babies to create several vaccines. This tugged at my heart & my gut told me to research it more because I couldn't have read that and continued to vaccinate my children, ignoring that knowledge.  A reader had commented that essentially they weren't recent abortions so we were so far removed from that sin that we couldn't be held responsible.  Well, that just seems like a slippery slope and I refuse to give my stamp of approval (or even just an "eh ok") to abortion. During this same time I was also aware that Julianne was having HUGE speech delays. She had been hitting every target, saying ten words clearly last summer, months before turning one year old.  She then had her one year vaccines and it was as if she forgot how to talk. Not just moved past it to learn to walk or anything, but literally slurred her words & physically struggled with it. In my research on this moral dilemma I found LOADS of info on developmental delays, especially speech, linked to vaccines. I read plenty to decide that we, as a family would no longer vaccinate. I by no means think everyone is effected in this manner. I do feel as though some people are more sensitive to vaccines than others, just like foods. This left me thinking what in the world do we do when flu season arrives?

At the same time I was diligently reading about ways to treat Rooney's allergies holistically. I read about the use of essential oils to treat allergies on multiple websites and family blogs. I was also researching about homeschooling and the amount of homeschooling families discussing the use of essential oils kinda shocked me!  Next, a blogger friend posted an essential oil they personally use instead of the flu vaccine! Lightbulb moment!!  It didn't take much more reading to convince myself that I was not going into the "sick season" without this stuff in my hands!

Flash forward a short bit.  I buy a distributorship.

My blogger friend is actually here in town so I had the ability to buy direct from her, but the distributorship is soooo much more cost effective. ((Like herbs, and all other holistic treatments, they aren't "cheap" per se, but they are much easier to administer to children of all ages & many are safe for use during pregnancy.))  This friend, who is now my upline, graciously brought me a reference guide and while I waited on my "kit" to arrive, I read and read and read.  I loved running across this thought: "Essential Oils vs Candles. Large Yankee Candles cost 27.99. A bottle of Essential Oil costs about 25.00 with tax and shipping at wholesale price. Why not scent your house with something that has health benefits as well as smells amazing?"

Day One...
So the essential oils arrived on my doorstep early this morning.  We headed out the door quickly for storytime, a picnic and playdate at the park, so it was late this afternoon before I could even crack the box open.  Since that point TODAY I have lovingly applied an immune booster & flu preventative essential oil to all of my family members, treated a skin irritation, a spider bite, started to treat Rooney's laundry list of allergies and rid myself of a nasty tension headache.  There was a side effect.  The headache left quickly and I was hit with this completely unexpected burst of energy.  I'm a third child people.  Burst of energy is just something that doesn't really exist in my vocabulary.

Do I know everything after day one?  Nope.  Am I a salesperson who is ready to push this on all of my friends? Nope.  Am I excited about this adventure and looking forward to sharing my story as it continues with you all - yes.  I'm starting a notebook at home...I'm documenting the oils I use each day and what ailments I'm attempting to treat. 

I don't share things I "think" will work.  I'm confident friends.  Super confident.  Is there a compensation plan for me if you sign up "under" me?  Yes.  I haven't the slightest clue about it friends.  I'm sharing this because I genuinely want ALL of us, ALL of you, to feel good and love life.

Want more info?  E-mail me at GoodnessGathering at Gmail dot com .  Here's to feeling good, friends!

No fear, back to chalkboards & such soon!

----> If by chance the mention of aborted baby cells being linked with the creation of vaccines bothers you, I recommend you start your further research here: K.N.O.W. Vaccines

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  1. Loved reading your story!! Isn't it great to have such a natural source to cure our bodies!