Thursday, September 5, 2013

Camp Rooney

My "Little," as he was referred to for the longest, has turned F-O-U-R. It seems like we celebrated his third birthday, I blinked, and boom - here we are. Mercy.

Many of you know that we became camper owners earlier this year. Yes, I'm aware there are those who camp & those who don't. Well, we camp. We love it. Rooney really loves it.  It came as no surprise he requested a "camp" themed party this year.

The anticipation had built up for weeks and his excitement went to a whole new level when his Aunt Weezer called from out of town that morning and told him to look for the UPS truck - of course they ran later that day than they ever do!

The book "Dragons Love Tacos" and a dragon costume were perfect for this child who spends his days in costume!
While he read his new book with his NaNa it gave me some time to prepare his "cake".  While I'm capable of making bakery-like beautiful cakes, I just have refused to do it so far on my kids birthdays.  Tasty & easy is all I look for when throwing parties at this age!
I saw this AWESOME idea on Pinterest...of course.  There are so many variations pinned that I really can't credit an original author.  You can search "ice cream sandwich cake" for additional ideas, but basically you stack ice cream sandwiches with Magic Shell between the layers, "frost" it in cool whip, and allow to setup in the freezer.  Some variations also used caramel, but my Rooney requested strawberry, so I added strawberry syrup in the layers too.  You will see a final pic later, but it is the result of the sun setting & the camera settings being all wrong because I was totally in the moment with my child ;) Boo to not having a super great finished product picture - thumbs up for enjoying myself! 
I really felt like the cake was for his candles really, because we all know smores are to be the highlight of a Camp Party!

My Lifetime Love made me the "rustic branch markers" nearly a year ago and they were perfect for labeling the food table!

More party prep meant Rooney hand delivering his "campfire".  We used the fire bowl for smores, but this $10 inflatable campfire from Oriental Trading has provided HOURS of fun for him.  Like best $10 ever spent.


Disclaimer: I try to make parties for my kiddos truly be a celebration of them.  Not a party just for their little friends to come - granted that is important, but I want my kids to know they have love & support from SO MANY special people in their lives.  I try to include lots of photos so that all the guests at the party can reflect & see all the reasons we have to celebrate this sweet kiddo!
It was hott.

But there were smiles....
and sweet waves,
and friends.

Oh, and there were hot dogs....apparently very good hot dogs  ((he is my child afterall)).
After presents the icecream sandwich cake was a big hit for beating the heat.
He's already asking if he can have a camp party again next year.  I'm asking if we can slow down time......


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