Saturday, August 24, 2013

Wait, I won? ((Mugswap 2013 - ACuppaKim))

My Rooney is the one with all the "luck" in the family... he won us a vacation package a couple of years ago and our jaws dropped because we aren't usually "winners," you know at much of anything ((certainly not sports and MOST definitely not random drawings!)).

Perhaps the luck for this family is turning around...

I just completed the annual Mug Swap hosted over at It was my second year participating and Kim had the most fabulous sponsors this year with two prize packs.  Take a look because I WON and am anxiously awaiting for some of that GOODNESS to arrive in my mailbox!

"Official" post forthcoming with pics of the mug/tea cup that I swapped & received, and of course pics of the "loot" when it arrives from the generous sponsors!  You're going to want to visit these Etsy stores friends!!

Oh, and mark your calendars for August me, you're gonna want to pay ACuppaKim a visit for #mugswap2014 !


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