Sunday, July 21, 2013

To know my house is to know me...

I adore the new house and probably equally as important, I am really in love with our new town.  I fought this move kicking and screaming and crying for months before we could really formally announce it to everyone.  By the time the announcement came God had properly prepared my heart and I had decided to embrace what had to be and make the most of it.  We LOVED the house searching process and were actually eager to move once we began to make friends and feel a part of the church family here.  For the most part I was able to jump straight into my new life and almost instantly feel as though this was home for our little family. 

Sure, it was hard leaving the farmhouse emotionally, for a million obvious reasons, ((see January 2013's post "For Sale, One Dreamhouse" if your new to the blog)) but we had prayed for the buyers of our farmhouse and really felt as though that prayer was answered.  In speaking with them it was evident that the farmhouse was a dreamhouse for them as well, and our neighbors at the farm openly welcomed them and embraced a new family who was eager to see the property continue to thrive.  A win-win for all of us in what had really felt like a complete LOSS of a situation months prior.

The "new" old house, as I frequently refer to it, is so entirely different from the farmhouse.  It has given me great joy to have a new canvas of sorts to decorate.  It is really beginning to look like our family....well, everything but the kitchen.  It's not a love-hate, because I genuinely don't hate it, but it is a room that for now I have decided to leave "as-is".  These are precious years with my kiddos and I'm just not ready to commit the time, money, and energy needed to a kitchen renovation.  I was cooking to fulfill a need for a Christian friend last week when completely out of nowhere I got this rush of emotion... I felt like every part of me was saying Wait!!! I miss the farmhouse!   My kitchen in the farmhouse was pretty great, in my humble opinion (largely because it was all me in regards to design), and my bones were just achy, I felt sick, and it was as if I just looooonged to be in that kitchen

Perhaps I'm such a house person that I have to mourn my houses like the loss of a friend and I haven't allowed myself that process.  Perhaps it is the fact that we have been telling stories of building the farmhouse to all our new friends, because let's be honest, if houses are "my thing," then to know my house is to know me. It's just the language I'm comfortable speaking.  I aim to always have the design and decor of our home tell our story.

I suppose this is a "here you go, get to know me," sort-of thing.  I'm throwing it in your lap!  I've had a few weepy days over it...I've poured over the photos and I own the fact that I still love it.  I'm also in love with my new town, my "new" house, my friends and church family too though, so I assure you that I'm sharing these with a thankful & happy heart.  How blessed I (we) are!

Now, I hope these help you "get to know me," and maybe inspire you in some small way...







My days at the farmhouse were FULL OF GOODNESS!


  1. To me houses are more than just "houses"...they are so full of memories...bringing our babies home for the first time, birthday parties, etc. so I totally understand your need to mourn. Your new home is gorgeous and I'm sure it will be filled with wonderful memories soon! Hugs my friend.

  2. So beautiful, Katy! I'm sure the new house has a different character all its own, but still full of goodness. :)