Thursday, July 25, 2013

How we WISH they ate their food!

I interrupt your normally fun blog reading for a little important Momma talk.  Excuse the gross talk, but let's face are gross. Well, boys are at least ;)

My Rooney & Sister-girl are "eaters." Fortunately, food just isn't something we've struggled with much - they both eat fruits, veggies, nuts, and protein ((and entirely too much ranch & bbq sauce)) and typically I have to worry more about "cutting off" my Rooney who sometimes thinks he is in an eating contest.

However, for the past three to four months we have really been concerned as Rooney decided to give up cheese.  Maybe that is putting it too mildly.  If he were to just give it up, there would clearly be no concern (he drinks Kefir, eats yogurt, and drinks almond milk, so calcium is of no concern).  I wish I could give it up for calories sake!  He developed this enormous dislike for it quickly.  A child who had eaten cheese nearly everyday of his life could no longer touch, smell, or look at it and he really didn't even want to be in the same room with it!  The mere sight of it and he was in highly likely to vomit sick!  Block, shredded, stick, name it, he gagged!  He began begging for me to please not put any cheese on anyone else's plate and then began to beg that we please (never) eat at an Italian or Mexican restaurant.  Trying to agree upon a restaurant became a real battle and then I had to worry about what food was ordered and placed on the table, possibly near him!

I will tell you that it became such an issue, nearly overnight, that I immediately began to pray about it - crazy that food could cause such an upset in our family, but the fact is, it was a problem that effected all of us! 

So I'm sharing this issue because I know soooo many other parents can relate and we have had a bit of a breakthrough.

Rooney is working on his summer reading goal, which led to us discovering this book at the local library recently ---

It landed in our lap at just the perfect time.

The book covers sitting still at the table, not burping at the table, tasting EVERYTHING.... oh yes, all things that we needed work on!  Several reads and a little encouragement and we are back to being in the room with cheese (ha!) and he's even starting to eat a little here and there.  No more fighting over where we can eat and what everyone around him can eat without him getting sick.
Cure all? Oh, of course not.  But as a Momma I'm always excited to see something simple help out.  Let's face it, if it comes "out of the mouth" of a dinosaur, a pirate, or a super hero, chances are it is golden, ya know?!
You might also like to know that this is actually in a series of books....they have other books pertaining to playing with friends, going to school and cleaning your room, as well as several others!  I'm going to need to get busy finding some more of this series at the library!  Also, I'm thinking a lesson here is that if you have a "reader" on your hands like my Rooney, then maybe when a problem arises, seek out books that speak the words that if Momma uttered them they would immediately disregard.

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