Friday, June 7, 2013

Tour the Town (Part 1)

I'm so proud of where we live.
I was blessed to have my sister come see our "new" old home this week and I was so excited to take a stroll through the neighborhood and just let her take it all in. 
Charm. Character. Detail.  Oh yeah, we got all that covered.   Come see me and I will proudly take you for a walk too... but for now, hopefully this will do!

Amazing. Just AMAZING. 
Just check out the detail on this house above - chimney LOVE! 


Want to know my favorite house in, oh I don't know, North America?  This one in the following two pictures. There are just no words.


Now, the next one (brick, below) is currently for sale and we have walked the inside of it as well.  I love that when my Lifetime Love and I were walking the neighborhood tonight we both readily agreed that if money were no issue we would just go ahead and buy it to!  It's pretty great!

Our District is large ((by my standards)) and we are immediately adjacent to a second Historic District, so you see, there is lots more GOODNESS to share in the future!  Until then, may you look for the GOODNESS in your everyday life, friends!

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