Monday, June 10, 2013

A Hot Air Balloon Festival, You Say?

Those who know me well know I am all about a good festival! While fall festivals probably hold the top spot for me ((pumpkins cinch that deal)), I was super excited to learn that our new town is host to an annual hot air balloon festival.

I packed a picnic ((two to be precise-lunch & dinner)) and we spent an entire Saturday enjoying some memory making with the two kiddos. There were bounce houses and blow up adventures for the kiddos, "craps" (as my Rooney says ---> crafts) for the Momma's, a tractor show & an antique car show for the Daddy-o's and fair food for everyone!  Oh, wait, there were hot air balloons, too!

The day was just B E A U T I F U L. It was a top off the Jeep kind-of day as the weather was perfection- the festival had something that excited all of us, my picnics were a hit ((oh how I love a good picnic!)) and the kiddos were super cooperative!

Watching these sweet faces take it all in was just the best.

Daddy's girl worked in some snuggle time... which is a rare treat with this little busy body.
Rooney would readily tell you that his favorite part of the day was the purchase of Spiderman, what a good time they had playing together!
I quickly picked a favorite...

It was a day full of smiles.
And, truthfully, if Sister-girl would have left her clothes on we probably would have stayed longer!! 
Next year my babies will be bigger (rolling my eyes, wishing I could stop time) and we will plan to stay to watch the hot air balloon glow - pictures from my friends were spectacular, but I had tired babies.  Especially tired was that baby who refused to leave her shirt on....
Sweet, sweet memories we are making in this charming little Southern town!

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