Monday, June 10, 2013

A Hot Air Balloon Festival, You Say?

Those who know me well know I am all about a good festival! While fall festivals probably hold the top spot for me ((pumpkins cinch that deal)), I was super excited to learn that our new town is host to an annual hot air balloon festival.

I packed a picnic ((two to be precise-lunch & dinner)) and we spent an entire Saturday enjoying some memory making with the two kiddos. There were bounce houses and blow up adventures for the kiddos, "craps" (as my Rooney says ---> crafts) for the Momma's, a tractor show & an antique car show for the Daddy-o's and fair food for everyone!  Oh, wait, there were hot air balloons, too!

The day was just B E A U T I F U L. It was a top off the Jeep kind-of day as the weather was perfection- the festival had something that excited all of us, my picnics were a hit ((oh how I love a good picnic!)) and the kiddos were super cooperative!

Watching these sweet faces take it all in was just the best.

Daddy's girl worked in some snuggle time... which is a rare treat with this little busy body.
Rooney would readily tell you that his favorite part of the day was the purchase of Spiderman, what a good time they had playing together!
I quickly picked a favorite...

It was a day full of smiles.
And, truthfully, if Sister-girl would have left her clothes on we probably would have stayed longer!! 
Next year my babies will be bigger (rolling my eyes, wishing I could stop time) and we will plan to stay to watch the hot air balloon glow - pictures from my friends were spectacular, but I had tired babies.  Especially tired was that baby who refused to leave her shirt on....
Sweet, sweet memories we are making in this charming little Southern town!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Tour the Town (Part 1)

I'm so proud of where we live.
I was blessed to have my sister come see our "new" old home this week and I was so excited to take a stroll through the neighborhood and just let her take it all in. 
Charm. Character. Detail.  Oh yeah, we got all that covered.   Come see me and I will proudly take you for a walk too... but for now, hopefully this will do!

Amazing. Just AMAZING. 
Just check out the detail on this house above - chimney LOVE! 


Want to know my favorite house in, oh I don't know, North America?  This one in the following two pictures. There are just no words.


Now, the next one (brick, below) is currently for sale and we have walked the inside of it as well.  I love that when my Lifetime Love and I were walking the neighborhood tonight we both readily agreed that if money were no issue we would just go ahead and buy it to!  It's pretty great!

Our District is large ((by my standards)) and we are immediately adjacent to a second Historic District, so you see, there is lots more GOODNESS to share in the future!  Until then, may you look for the GOODNESS in your everyday life, friends!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Entry

If you are new to the blog... then let me start by telling you that we recently relocated to North Alabama and purchased a seventy-five year old home located in the heart of the Historic District.  We were exceptionally fortunate to find a home that was essentially in move-in condition, needing only adjustments made to suit the home to our personality ((as in rid the place of some oh-so-out-of-date wallpaper!)).

The Entry... BEFORE

Truthfully, it wasn't horrible wallpaper in the entry!  Gold has certainly made a return in both fashion and decor, so I'm sure there are lots of people who would really be pleased with the shimmering gold entry ((which genuinely worked great with the artwork the previous owner had hung there)), but I have taken the home in a much more casual direction due to the ages of my children. I really feel like it is important that the entry set the tone for the home...and well, my home is lived in and loved by a 1 1/2 year old and 3 1/2 year old, so it's definitely not formal!
I should preface this by saying that I had B E G G E D for stripes in the last home, but due to the openess of the floor plan it would have really made for A LOT of stripes (aka A LOT of WORK).  This was my chance - make an impact in a small space! 
So ME!  Don't you love that feeling when your house just screams that YOU own it!  I refuse to "do" decor in my home just because it is "in style" or the latest craze... you can bet if it's in my house I LOVE IT ((whether it really "works" decor wise, or not)).  I'm guessing you've noticed that tangerine color is gone in the dining room as well.  There's more to discuss in the entry for now, hopefully you are happy with this sneak peek of the dining!
The ART.  You should also know that finding a house in the Historic District was a priority of ours from the start. We love houses; houses with character, charm, and detail.  We've built three homes prior and as much as we adored those homes, we were really seeking something different with this move. The first time we visited the area ((job relocation)) and set foot in the Historic District we fell head over heels in love. Character, charm, and detail - check, check, check!  Soon after touring the area, falling in love, and making the decision that this in fact was where we hoped to find a home, I ran across these sweet birdhouses!  Oh man, instant LOVE!!  Each house was different and instantly reminded me of the quiet, tree lined streets I longed to be strollering my kiddos down.  I bought them, crossing my fingers, that we would in fact find a suitable home for our family.  It was months before we completed the move, unpacked, painted.. etc, etc. etc.  Now, I'm proud to say they are up and I'm even more in love!  STILL reminds me of the charming little homes that fill what I'm proud to call my neighborhood!
The After...

I painted a few extra details on the houses... including box numbers. Each house has a box number of a home we have made special memories in.  Oh, and the armoire, it's pretty special too... it was a "find" by my Mother that I talked her into letting me have several years ago.  It's simple and so pleasing to my eyes.
Lots of GOODNESS here... more to come, including that dining room!  Thanks, friends!