Thursday, May 9, 2013

This Old House ((a few pictures to share...))

I'm still fielding lots of e-mails and even text request for more pictures from friends of the "new" house.  We are busy painting and decorating ((and talking about the need to pull a few weeds)) so I really feel like most all my pictures are "before" pictures at this point.  I should clarify though that the painting and decorating is really just to make the house "us". We are every bit as in love with the house as we were the first day we set foot inside and it is important to us to hang on to so many of the "period" details. 

I decided that I would photograph a few of the little details we are loving and share...

The size of the tree at the left corner of the property is unbelievable!

I adore this sweet mailbox and the house numbers!

You know, I have had the latest & the greatest when it comes to stoves, but it was love at first sight when I laid eyes on this beauty and it works perfectly!! I just planted window boxes that can be viewed out that great window in the kitchen, so I'm loving it also!

Who wouldn't want to look at this butcher's block everyday!  Brings me such joy!

Above is the ceiling in the "study" area.  Isn't that detail charming? It's a shame that so many modern day homes are built so quickly (and must be built so cost effectively) that little details like that are overlooked.

Now in all honesty the first time I saw this light in Rooney's room I just didn't love it.  I'm rather confident that when I share the entire room and the redo soon you will be in love too!  I have a whole new appreciation for it!, this house has L O A D S of them!  Not only do I adore looking at them, they are so super useful!
Likely one of my "most favorite" things in the house are these charming old doors!  The breezeway to the original maids quarters has been enclosed and now has two sets of these...  I treasure the fact that I can stand and listen to the church bells and feel a cool spring breeze.  It has quickly become my place of "peace".
Lastly, is the "old cook house"!  What a beauty it is!
Hope you have enjoyed seeing some more of this old house!

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