Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Little Garden Goodness

So I'm rather certain my thumb is black ;) We have a couple of green thumbs in the family, my Mom is even a Master Gardener ((she just walks by plants and they double in size)), but I'm just being honest when I say I have a super long way to go!  Put me in a kitchen and I can teach you a thing or two - put me in a garden and know that I'm going to have a million questions because I am clueless! 

At this point I'm sure those of you who are close friends and have visited our new home, or follow me closely on Instagram, are screaming "WHY IN THE WORLD DID SHE BUY THAT HOUSE?!"  The landscape is just amazing and yes, I'm scared I'm going to kill it all!  But, the HUGE yard was just perfect for my kiddos, and having had the daily views I was accustomed to on the farm, finding something to compare "in town" was hard - this was as close as we could get!  So take a look at a little of the GOODNESS we've been enjoying this spring... and, maybe send me a tip or two and cross your fingers that next year everything has survived!

That bed of hostas around the Japanese Maple was all a surprise since we moved in mid-March. They are lush, and there are LOTS of them on the property.  This week while we were all outside playing Rooney asked if we could put a cover over the hostas so they didn't pop his beach ball - he thought they had thorns like the roses! When I explained that they didn't have thorns, he said "it's all just salad, Mom?"  He's right! Hostas do look like salad, and because of my Rooney I will always think that when I see them now!

Roses. Wow at the R O S E S!

I'm told the rose beds, with over twenty bushes, have been on the property for over thirty years ((several have told me 50 years...I would love to know for certain!)).  The coral colored roses just take my breath away.

Azaleas...more azaleas than I can begin to describe!
Now, the coleus...that is all ME!  Coleus, succulents, and Rosemary - those are something I can handle!  I'm busy adding as many of those as I can!

I really adore the ferns also!

So many views to love in this little backyard garden, so much GOODNESS...
Perhaps best of all are the sweet little hands that help me!


  1. well i want to live right next door to ya in that cape cod-ish looking house! girl, your home is amazing and hearing about the letters that were left for you from the previous owner gave me chills. can i be your best friend? like for real. just spent some time reading through your blog and so many things re-sounded with me. oh, and i'm not technically a red head, i'm blonde really, but i want to be red. lol...

    1. Heather, I can't thank you enough for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments! Oh won't you be my neighbor! Ha! We could craft our days away, dig through "junk," and well, chase kiddos...the "cape cod-ish" place is FABULOUS! Sadly my redhead has LOADS of blonde shining through. I'm excited your moving closer!!