Thursday, March 21, 2013

Moving In!

The day has FINALLY come!
After spending a week in a hotel while closing on the sale of the farmhouse and preparing for closing on the "new" house, there are no words to explain how excited we were to see the moving truck pull up! Rooney was cheering with excitement!
So, the "new" house...
She's sure got curb appeal going for her!  Our love of historic homes, and this particular historic district is what guided us here, but truthfully, this house purchase was all about the yard...

To find a historic home on over half an acre in the downtown district is well, simply unheard of.  The beauty my eyes have taken in at the farmhouse, gazing at the pastureland and beautiful old barn cannot be replaced, but to say I am blessed to now have this is an understatement. 

And this window? It renders me speechless ((truth! ha! you thought it was impossible!)).

The home was built in 1938 but records for the property date back to 1821.  I knew sitting at the closing table, listening to stories of the home being shared by the previous homeowners that as soon as I stepped foot into the house I would be flooded with emotion.  Then, there was this surprise.  The previous homeowners had left handwritten notes for me about the home in addition to the legal "abstract" of the property. The most amazing stories have unfolded.  I'm piecing together the notes, the legal documents, and the stories being shared by neighbors. AMAZING. Each day I feel like I gain a new piece of the puzzle and each day it makes me adore these walls more and more.  It "was" about the yard.  Now it is about SO MUCH MORE. 
As the story unfolds I will share some with you... it is much like reading a novel!  But, I have promised "pictures" to so many friends, so as promised...
Master Bedroom...I love the dark crown molding!  ((this is really a "side view" - Sister-girl is standing in the dressing room that is on one side of the room.))
The home has built-ins EVERYWHERE.  The Master has two of these beautiful closets.
There are three small baths that are all very true to the age of the home and a fourth very small bath that was in the original maids quarters. 

With the Master, there are four bedrooms total...some of which will get fresh paint soon ;)

Have I mentioned the house has twelve-foot ceilings throughout? Mercy, I love that.
I have yet to get good pictures of the kitchen, dining, laundry, or breakfast rooms.  I think the boxes were being rushed in so fast I couldn't snap pictures fast enough!  If only those boxes were getting unpacked half as fast!  Speaking of boxes, I've got a "few" waiting on me...

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