Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Quick Hello Snow

Fall is my favorite season ((if I had to choose)), but I really do love wintertime as well.  I love blankets, jackets, hoodies, tall boots and coffee and those are all harder to enjoy come summertime.  Sure, I do have a crazy addiction to flip flops, but I have spent many a summer day dreaming of colder weather.  A friend told me years ago you can always put more clothes on, but you can only take so much off!  Such truth!

The past few winters we have spent in the farmhouse have really been unique.  It seems we have seen more frequent snowfall than I recall growing up in this area of East Tennessee.  I absolutely treasure all the pictures I have of my Rooney in the snow when he was so tiny and will never forget having a "White Christmas" with him... it was magic to me!

I LOVE looking at these pictures from when my Rooney was T I N Y!  ((It just went by entirely too fast!))

((above pictures were 2010 & 2011))
Having been spoiled to all this beauty, I must admit... this winter has been scoring a big "0" from me so far.  It has been full of sickness for my babies, and until last week we have had NO SNOW. Mega letdown for this Momma who wants pictures of her babies playing in the snow!
We did have a Quick Hello Snow last week.  It came just before dark, was a complete "white out" for a matter of minutes, and then darkness fell and with the porch lights on we watched as it melted nearly as quickly as it had come.  My Lifetime Love was on his way home from work when the Quick Hello Snow decided to make its brief appearance.  It was really Julianne's first snow.  I'm sure there was a snow of some sort when she was super tiny, but this was really the first time she was aware that "something" was going on ((she's 15 months now)). 


She had a lot to "say" about it!

I'm sure Rooney yelling "It's Christmastime, It's Christmastime?!" was a sure sign that in fact something was going on!  I opened the windows and let them feel the snow that was piling up... Sister-girl screamed when she felt the cold!  It didn't take long for her to decide that squishing it in her fingers was super fun though!  ----
Since writing this we have had yet another Quick Hello Snow - I will happily accept any glimpse of a snow, but honestly, we need just ONE GOOD SNOW before this "early" spring can arrive ;)