Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Bit of Handmade Goodness

((Items that I handmade for Christmas presents.))

First, my photos are really inadequate for this post...they are wayyyy, wayyyy warm in color.  My apologies.  Second, I handmade several more gifts and failed to photograph them...chalk that up to the crazy-insane-busy-hooha that "is" the Christmas season. I'm strictly doing this because several friends specifically asked what I handmade this year, so here you go! 



and more bags!  What girl doesn't love a good bag?!

The placemats were something totally new for me to try... and honestly, a rolled rosette made with great fabric could make a roll of toilet paper look uber special, so how could it be anything but GOOD?!

These coordinating fabrics were selected to mix well with my sister's kitchen cabinets & dishware.  Having this many different fabrics that mixed & matched well was super fun!
I failed to photograph handmade mug rugs & headbands, oops!
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