Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Tree is Up!

I've had the pictures ready for this post for weeks now, but all the GOODNESS of the Holiday season has me running wayyyy behind on blogging.  I'm loving all the things that this season brings and I trust you are as well.  Treasure. Every. Moment.

Growing up, the night we put up the Christmas tree was always an "event".  I LOVE the memories I have of decorating the tree and am thrilled this is a tradition that I can carry on with my family.  Even before my Lifetime Love and I had children we would still make a big deal out of putting up and decorating the tree.  Christmas music playing & popcorn popping, it is a night I look forward to all year long.

Love this!  "See Sister-girl, it's coming!"

Oh, this was sweetness overload!

"This!"  ((It is her go-to word right now...everything is "this"!))

Merry Christmas, Friends!  We wish you many fun filled days!!

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