Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Santa Goodness

The day we spent with Santa recently was full of GOODNESS (and a smidge of "spookiness" according to my Rooney!))....
We made plans to attend breakfast with Santa.  Rooney had counted the days down and was super excited.  Super excited, that is, until we arrived at the breakfast to see Santa had asked Rudolph ((a really poor costumed version)) to join in the festivities.  Terrified would be a rather mild description of my Rooney!  Sister-girl could have cared less. She had squeaker shoes on afterall, nothing else mattered to her! It really was a great event for the community. I loved eating while children from a local school sang carols.
Once Rudolph ((thankfully)) decided he would journey back to the North Pole, our morning turned out rather perfect.
Rooney eagerly rehearsed his "list" with me while waiting in line for his turn with Santa.

Oh, the anticipation!
That Santa....he's a pretty cool dude, ya' know?!

I adore the sweet smile Sister-girl had when she landed in "his" lap.

Rooney was thrilled to share his list... "a Buzz, a Woody,superheroes, and a kitchen to share with Sister."

He decided they needed to have a good long talk just to be sure Santa had heard every word.  The picture above seriously brought a tear to my eye!

Santa and my Rooney.... such sweetness!
Such a fun, memory filled day for us!

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