Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our Christmas Story in Pictures - 2012

Rooney had Santa's cookies out...

... and even made some special food for his reindeer.
He & Sister-girl had spent a fabulous Christmas Eve together.  Neither wanted to go to bed, but to my surprise they both slept sound and didn't wake till nearly 8am!
FINALLY, THE DAY HAD ARRIVED!  I had spent WEEKS counting it down with the kids and then all of the sudden, in what seemed like a mere blink, the big day was here!
Watching the magic of Christmas unfold was truly beautiful to me!
There was plenty of excitement.... ((he just spotted what Santa left by the tree!))
Watching the magic of Christmas unfold was truly beautiful to me!

Loads of loving...
And more "costume goodness" than you can imagine!
Rooney LOVES spending his days in character.  Every day he wakes up a "new" animal.  He's been a dog, horse, bull, walrus, giraffe, snake, penguin, donkey...probably more, although I try hard not to forget!  Apparently Santa is aware of his love for costumes, as is the rest of the family....our entire day was filled with Rooney opening one costume right after another.  As you can see above he frequently was multiple characters at once - no doubt the days ahead are going to be entertaining!

Oh yes, several other family members got to join in on all that costume goodness!

There was cooking today also. Someone needed to test out the new kitchen Santa brought ;)
A bit of picture posing took place.  Sure some folks hate posed photos...not this girl!

Now, I'm beat. Ahhhh-mazing just doesn't even come close to describing our day. Such special memories! Honestly, so proud of how enjoyable my children were the entire day...we all tried to savor every moment!

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