Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Crafting & Crazy Kiddos

As I mentioned in a previous post, I vowed to celebrate more in 2012 and when I lost a friend to cancer in September, it really hit me hard --- everyday is a gift.  I mean, we say it, but do we really live our lives that way?  If we truly feel like everyday is a gift, then why don't we seek out more reasons to celebrate?!

I decided a couple of weeks ago that I should have a mini-Christmas party for the kiddos.  I was hearing of all the Christmas parties being planned by teacher-friends of mine, and it got me to thinking.... why wait till the kids are school age, lets start the celebrating now!

When I planned the party, I of course had no way of knowing it was going to be "one of those weeks". Both my kids had been sick and each of my grandparents paid a trip to the hospital ((one is still there currently)).  Sometimes you just suck it up and go on.  Yes, there were lots of small details that were sacrificed, but I'm sure none of the kiddos noticed, only the "blogger Mom".

I set the table the night before and premade quesadillas, cutting each out with a Christmas tree cookie cutter.  This really made for a stress free morning.

Jack was pacing saying, "friends here yet?" and Julianne stood guard by the front door.

I love this when they realized friends were pulling in the driveway!  Yes, as you can tell from the pictures it was pouring rain. Happy East Tennessee weather  ((insert wishful thoughts of beautiful snow filled days here))!
Christopher Popinkins, our elf, had appropriately stationed himself near the door to watchover all the children entering.

Miss "I can't get enough of showing everyone my belly" was so glad to see friends!
There was chip eating and lots of drawing...

Some beautiful snowflake crafting...

And cinnamon-ornament making!
A whole lotta' playing was thrown in the mix and apparently a-little-too-much marshmallow eating!
I love this look of "I will finish this handful of marshmallows!"
Such a blessing these kiddos are to me... so glad we took a day to celebrate!

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