Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Celebration of Friends

In 2012 I was blessed to join the Paperdolls, a newly formed group of crafty friends.  We meet monthly and our group varies according to schedules.  While I have loved making new friends, one of the biggest blessings has been rekindling some friendships from highschool.  A few Paperdolls have really bonded with me for one reason or another.  I strongly agree with the quote that "friends come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime," and this group of girls has proven to be exactly that - each represents a friendship that has filled a place in my heart. 

I vowed to celebrate more in 2012, so a celebration with these friends who have really filled my heart was a necessity!

This evening was all about friendships and not really about the blog, so I put the camera aside for all but a few minutes.  I didn't document the food or the decor really... instead just sat back and enjoyed every laugh!

I've chosen to share this tiny glimpse of the evening with you for one simple reason - I want each of you to CELEBRATE MORE.  Celebrate those who inspire you, teach you, pray for you, grow with you, care for you and love you.  Seek out reasons to celebrate.  Seek out friends to celebrate.

And let me be honest..... this group of girls seeks out a reason to be CRAFTY! Ha!  It was only fitting that we swap gifts of a crafty nature!  Check out all the beautiful crocheted scarves Jenny made each of us!

Jenn made personalized coasters for each of us! Wait, to our surprise, Jaclyn made personalized coasters too!  They were completely different, but we had a good laugh when exchanging presents since it was totally unexpected!  I'm convinced both could sell their "product." Jenn (who "says" she's really not crafty), was in fact a master at coaster making, and I look at the coasters Jaclyn made using family photographs EVERYDAY.

Megan proudly showed off the stationary that I designed for everyone...

and Jenny was happy to show this great canvas art Megan made each of us!  There were several other gifts that I failed to photograph, including the Coconut Sugar Scrub that Megan also made (a frequent pin on Pinterest)... can I tell you how addicted I am to that now?
I should also mention that this was a "bring your spouse" party, but I kinda' felt like it would cramp their style to ask them to pose for a group pic too!  To our knowledge they didn't swap crafts, recipes, decor ideas, or childrearing suggestions as we did - I'm certain there was talk of cars, trucks, and baseball though!
Good times, friends. GOOD TIMES.
How will YOU celebrate more in 2013???

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