Saturday, December 29, 2012

31 Ringing in '13

So I’m 31, soon to be ringing in 2013, and I suppose that has made me a bit introspective.  ((Actually, I personally feel that if you are a Christian, a spouse, a parent, and/or a friend you NEED to slow down and be introspective…that is a part of the growing process, right?))

Something happened when I turned 30.  I began to really embrace the idea that “I” was responsible for my own happiness and in trying to find myself- because face it, most people are still searching in their twenties and well into their thirty somethings- I realized something HUGE… I “am” a part of a club.  How many years of my life have I spent wanting to feel like I was part of the club, or click?  I’ve been told repeatedly, "there is no club, there is no click."  Let me tell you – I’m facing reality, there are many clubs and many clicks in ALL walks of life.  But that is the beauty I FINALLY learned to embrace.   When you approach life with a heart prepared to welcome new friends, the fact is that beautiful friendships are lurking everywhere.  I have the option to belong to LOTS of clubs, some by mere accident!

You see, I share a connection with anyone who…

-is a Christian

-is a sinner

-is a wife

-is a mother

-is a daughter

-has a son

-has a daughter

-has a redheaded child

-has had a c-section

-graduated college (& isn’t using their degree!)

-married their highschool love

-has owned a dog or a horse

-was in 4-H & FFA

-has built a house

-is learning to sew

-loves to cook

-is a “foodie”

-loves to thrift shop

-loves to craft

-owns a Jeep

-loves Instagram

-is a blogger

-craves Hobby Lobby like a fat, juicy cheeseburger ((seriously, there are others with this craving, right?))

-has a slight addiction to magazines

-wants to learn to crochet

-lost a friend or family member to cancer

Yes, some of those “clubs” I don’t necessarily want to be a member of, but the fact remains, I truly have a connection with SO MANY people around me.  So, at 31 I’m ringing in ’13 and no longer wishing I was “in the club.”  I’m embracing the clubs I am a part of.  I’m celebrating the connections & relationships I share and praying that my heart is preparing room for even more friendships. What a blessing “30” and this new perspective was to me… I’m excited to see what 31 and 2013 will bring!

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