Friday, November 23, 2012

Family Goodness - Thanksgiving 2012 in Pictures

This group of turkey's gathered together to count their blessings... ((Papaw turkey was too busy mashing potatoes to join in the picture taking)).
Sister-girl was sporting her skinny jeans and a top I made for her.  After teaching Rooney about Pilgrims & Indians last week, he decided he needed to come as an Indian.
The table was beautiful. 
We weren't the only ones admiring the table ((and the food))....  We had the front door open while we dined at the farm.  Jare dog sat quietly as we filled our plates.
As the table begin to fill with family he crept a smidge closer and we weren't supposed to notice that while we ate he actually was half-in/half-out.
The continuous laughter from this group of turkeys made our day.
There was lots of story telling... ((have I mentioned how much I love this man?))
Lots of sneaking love!
Ample desserts, including these beauties my nieces made.

Loads of cuteness...

Plenty of picture posing...
Especially when the turkeys decided to put a photo booth together!  It didn't take long for the turkeys to  whip up some Holiday spirit!

C R A Z Y with this crew might be an understatement!

This group will be making their debut on YouTube soon... caroling on Thanksgiving? Yep, we did!
This group of turkeys fills my life with GOODNESS and just the right amount of craziness! 

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