Friday, November 23, 2012

Family Goodness - Thanksgiving 2012 in Pictures

This group of turkey's gathered together to count their blessings... ((Papaw turkey was too busy mashing potatoes to join in the picture taking)).
Sister-girl was sporting her skinny jeans and a top I made for her.  After teaching Rooney about Pilgrims & Indians last week, he decided he needed to come as an Indian.
The table was beautiful. 
We weren't the only ones admiring the table ((and the food))....  We had the front door open while we dined at the farm.  Jare dog sat quietly as we filled our plates.
As the table begin to fill with family he crept a smidge closer and we weren't supposed to notice that while we ate he actually was half-in/half-out.
The continuous laughter from this group of turkeys made our day.
There was lots of story telling... ((have I mentioned how much I love this man?))
Lots of sneaking love!
Ample desserts, including these beauties my nieces made.

Loads of cuteness...

Plenty of picture posing...
Especially when the turkeys decided to put a photo booth together!  It didn't take long for the turkeys to  whip up some Holiday spirit!

C R A Z Y with this crew might be an understatement!

This group will be making their debut on YouTube soon... caroling on Thanksgiving? Yep, we did!
This group of turkeys fills my life with GOODNESS and just the right amount of craziness! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thrifty Goodness - Part One

As promised, I am finally getting around to sharing some of my Thrifty Goodness with you!  Some people play ball, attend concerts, or like to vacation at the beach....this family likes to run the roads - traveling to flea markets, thrift stores, and antique malls!  I typically pack a picnic if the weather is nice so the kids can have a break from being in their carseats and not have to sit still in a restaurant, but undoubtedly, with my Lifetime Love at the wheel, you can bank on some good bar-b-que on every adventure!

As I have noted before, my Lifetime Love shares the same love of furniture as I do, so pair us together and it is T-R-O-U-B-L-E!  We ALWAYS find a way to get "it" home ;)  In fact, I have several large items that need to be photographed to be shared here, including the BEST find of the year, purchased just two weeks ago - but, you're going to have to check back for Part Two, etc. (I must warn you, with the Holidays approaching it may be a bit!)
The pictures above are from Instagram. Most of my followers there see our treasures the same day they are collected, and I'm known for posting lots of GOODNESS that we see but choose to pass up because it just isn't a perfect fit for us.  Find me on Instagram: GoodnessGathering - just know that I share loads of pics of my Rooney & Sister-girl, too!
Disclaimer: There isn't much rhyme or reason to our purchases, other than we LOVE them.  We frequently buy items knowing it will take rearranging an entire room, or maybe even plunking the item in the garage until we discover the perfect use for it.  Nonetheless, we buy what we love, and therefore our house is full of GOODNESS, with most pieces having a great story or family memory of traveling attached to them.  I love vintage Pyrex and Mason Jars as "most" thrifters adore right now (they are hot, hot, hot items at the moment), but for now we kinda' have our own thing going.
The great book stand (above) was less than $3 and I'm on the hunt for more cheap ((sorry I had to use that dreaded word)) globes - pretty certain I could have a room full!  We found both of these on the same day and have yet to find any more!

The table (above) is awaiting rehab, but for $5 I would say it was worth it!  There are plans in the works for the cedar "slice" as well!

We have recently realized we kinda' have a thing for salt & pepper sets now....can you believe we found the set above for $5!

This "K" was less than $2 and I currently have it displayed in my happy place.... my butlers pantry!

I have been on the lookout for old sewing machine drawers for awhile now.  We found these two weeks ago and my Lifetime Love has been brainstorming ideas for them, but I'm choosing to enjoy them "as is" for a bit.  The detail on them is ahhh-mazing!

I pretty much died over these metal trays... the colors are perfect for our home!  With Christmas quickly approaching I couldn't pass up this brand-new, still in the box, 2 tier stand for $1!

Now this light....ahhh, LOVE is just not a big enough word for it!  I would love to hear your guesses as to what we paid!  I have yet to have anyone guess it correctly that sees it!  It is a G E M as far as I am concerned!

I loved this Americana dish.... the seller said it was from the 70's, but honestly, I have no clue!  It has no makers mark, so it may be worth a mere "dollar, two - ninety eight," as my father would say, but to me, it is beautiful.

I stumbled upon a set of four of these chairs and it was love at first sight!  The paint is a bit worn, but we adore the distressed and well-loved feel.


This magazing holder draws a lot of attention.  It ranks right up there near the top as one of our favorite finds.  Get ready, it is a HUGE SCORE - $4.99!!!
Now pardon this low-quality picture from Instagram, but I really wanted to go ahead and share this beauty!  I want to do an entire room around the paint color... it is just GOOD!

Last, for now, is really my sister's find.  I guess you could say it was a FORD - Found On Road Dead.  The bones of this chair were in great shape when she found it sitting on the curb in the TRASH PILE ((mad craziness)).  I had all the padding/cushions replaced and it fully reupholstered and now it is a piece we cherish.  Let this serve as a reminder, friends don't let friends pass up GOOD "trash".  A beauty like this should never be destroyed!


 Stay tuned, you can bet there is more GOODNESS to come!