Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sister-girl is ONE! - The Party in Pictures

Our sweet Sister-girl turned ONE this month!  When pregnant I imagined her first birthday would be a "pumpkin" party to celebrate my October baby.  Little did I know my Sister-girl would have a strong attraction to Minnie from day one!  There was no denying Minnie party it was!

The party started with this... 

Seriously, HILARIOUS!  I planned on the party being outside, but the weather was less than stellar - cold, misty, and super cloudy!  So, as each guest entered the front door of the house they were greeted by Rooney, tools in hand, working away! 
Before long, dinner was served, and this beautiful moment took place --- fills my heart!!
Then there were presents.  First, those that needed unwrapping and hugging...
Then, those that needed riding...
Some needed driving!

There was clapping for cake, of course!  Excuse the blur of this photo... none of the pictures of her clapping were in focus well, but it was just too cute to not include!
Cake love.

Did I mention I made her dress?  It was a last minute decision, but I was so pleased!  I'm not gonna lie - it was kinda special to this Mama to know I made it!  No fear... all that cake goodness washed right out!
Day full of memories and lots of LOVE. 
Thanks to all of those who blessed us with your presence in celebrating Sister-girl!
((Thanks also to Jenny Pennell of Jenny Pennell Photography for lending a hand with picture taking from time to time!!))

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