Friday, October 12, 2012

Perspective Check!

I have just spent the week in a hotel in "Aldabana" (as my Rooney says).  One day when the kids and I returned to our hotel room for an afternoon nap, we arrived at the room to discover our room was still being cleaned.  The kids were exhausted and D-I-R-T-Y from loads of playtime at a local park.  "Housekeeping" was super nice and in fact her comments left such a huge impression on me.  I was telling her that the beds had been made and clean towels were restocked, so there was no need for anything else really, that with a three-year-old and one-year-old in such a small space she could have it all perfect and within a matter of minutes it would look like she had wasted her time.  Her reply (I'm summarizing of course), "yes Mam', that's why this job is so satisfying to me... I can clean and clean for hours at home and with my kids I can't ever see that I'm making progress, but when I clean these rooms I can walk away with a real feeling of satisfaction; leaving everything looking as perfect as possible for the guests to return to."  What a great perspective "housekeeping" had!  How many people have you met in a relatively low-paying position that would tell you how much satisfaction their job brings them?  Few, I'm certain!  I vowed over a year ago to check my perspective frequently.  Friends, it has truly been a lifechanger for me.  I'm so thankful for these reminders along the way!

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