Monday, October 1, 2012

My Lifetime Love

Have you met my Lifetime Love?  There are many, many reasons he is my Lifetime Love, for example:

See that laugh?  It's genuine.  Know what I told him on our wedding day while the harp was playing and the wedding guest thought we were sharing some deep profound moment?  "You crack me up, and that's good because you can't live without a crack."  Truth.  Maybe too much truth.  In all seriousness, he makes me laugh till the tears pour down my face, and that friends is just a small piece of what makes him my Lifetime Love.
There is also this....

He  makes beautiful babies.  I remind him often.  Our beautiful babies make my heart flutter but, we were blessed with six years of ((wedded)) happiness before babies.....when I see my Lifetime Love I am flooded with memories of SO MUCH FUN we have shared!

While I could go on & on & on with reasons why he is truly my Lifetime Love, the final one I will include for now is that we share a love for homes.  It's something that sort-of just evolved with us.  We have built three homes in our nine years of marriage, with the current (a farmhouse) being custom built.  We selected every single detail for the farmhouse: flooring, cabinets, sinks, paint colors, lighting fixtures, trim, and doors in addition to adding & subtracting a few things from the plans.  When it was time to fill the farmhouse, who was beside me, thrifting, painting furniture, hanging art, and building custom pieces?  Yep, my Lifetime Love.  He's good like that.  We watch DIY & HGTV together, he tells me he loves my decorating style (seriously, it made me swoon when he said it out loud), and nearly everyday we talk about our shared love for houses.  I guess you could say HOMES are our passion, and sharing this passion, friends, is one more reason why I am CERTAIN he is my Lifetime Love.
((I'm working on a post with photos from the farmhouse, enjoy this glimpse in the meantime!))


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