Thursday, October 11, 2012

EVERY Child... A Lesson from the Playground

When we pulled up at the playground I quickly realized there were at least 60 kids finishing their lunches under one of the pavilions. We walked to another pavilion to eat in the quiet and as I watched them flood the playground I had the feeling of panic. Could my overly protective Mother bones let my 3 year old loose on this now hugely crowded playground with children more than twice his age? They were big, playing rough, & running fast. I swallowed hard, told Rooney to watch out & then sat and watched. My Rooney began playing & rather quickly noticed this child alone, no friends playing with him. This child had down syndrome & while I noticed, my Rooney never looked at him differently. They played a long time & when Sister-girl and I joined them I pushed this child in the swings for nearly an hour. He didn't speak well & he couldn't tell me his name. I was sad none of the teachers had taken the time to play with him, nor any of the other children. His smile filled my heart. I wasn't sad because he had down syndrome, I was sad because EVERY child needs love and attention. This Mom learned several lessons on the crowded playground today.

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