Monday, October 1, 2012

Daddy DIY

My Lifetime Love is talented.  Really talented.  He brags on me ((more often than I deserve)) so let me take a moment to brag on him and hopefully inspire you!

He made me these great placecard holders, and they also double as buffet markers... perhaps best of all is they are made from a tree branch from the farm!
When he first built these step stools for Rooney I doubt either of us was really aware of just how much use they would get.  I have an order in for more...
Last Christmas he made me several of these beautiful trees!  Mine are still tucked away with all my Holiday decor, but I snapped this picture last night of an order he has been working on.  They can be painted or stained, we chose to use a variety of stains on ours personally, in keeping with the farmhouse decor.

My favorites, maybe?  My Lifetime Love crafted me these beautiful cutting/serving boards from remnant wood from our farmhouse countertops.  It's rosewood; isn't it just A M A Z I N G?  My Dad would tell you I highly overuse that word "amazing," but honestly there is just no other adjective that works here!  The two larger boards have the natural edge, just as our countertops do, but I equally love the finished edge he applied to the smallest board!
Now that I have bragged ((rightfully so, right?)), let me encourage you to follow Goodness Gathering's DADDY DIY board on Pinterest!  The Lifetime Love and I both add GOODNESS, such as this, to it regularly!

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