Friday, October 12, 2012

A Glimpse of Our Gathering

If you follow the blog then you know that the Lifetime Love and myself have a thing for homes and all things home, decor, and DIY projects.  We aren't perfectionist, how could we be with a three-year-old and one-year-old, right?  We aren't wealthy (but RICH in the things that really matter), so we take great pleasure in thrifting goodies here and there.  And our home certainly doesn't look magazine ready, but I can say if I had my own magazine, yep -it would be featured, it is perfectly OUR STYLE.  Our home tells our story.  Enjoy a glimpse of OUR GATHERING ;)

A little background...

Between 2003-2009 we built three homes, this being our most recent and first fully custom home.  The home was completed start-to-finish in 4 1/2 months with us choosing EVERY.SINGLE. DETAIL.  It was important to us that the house look as though it simply belonged on the property.  We wanted it to look old, rich in character, and follow an original farmhouse style.  Our floors are worn... we love it.  Our floors squeek... we love it.  I pulled windows from the plan - great decision, thirty windows is plenty!  I lost sleep over the stairs.  Making them true to farmhouse style was crucial to the design of this house... I'm confident I got them right, losing sleep was totally worth it!  Within minutes of looking at the plan I knew the "screen porch" shown on the plans had to be enclosed and turned into a dining room.  Space to entertain family was a driving force in the design of this house; enclosing that porch and creating a dining space was maybe one of the best decisions we made.  We insisted on a basement, a detached garage, and a large deck area for entertaining outside.  We chose to rearrange the kitchen plan.  Yep, we got that right too!  No, this house is not perfect, but for this family of "house-lovers," it brings us great happiness! 


Our home is ever-evolving with new projects here and there, so more pictures are sure to follow!  Thanks for stopping by! 

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