Tuesday, September 4, 2012

MugSwap hosted by A Cuppa Kim - 2012

Chances are you have heard me make mention multiple times now of my L.O.V.E. for Instagram.  I will save my sermon on how great Instagram is for networking with other Moms and Bloggers, and Mommy Bloggers, (and foodies, and crafters, and DIY'ers and vintage lovers, etc.) and instead go straight to the details of the MugSwap!  It was in fact Instagram where I first learned about the MugSwap!  Seemed simple enough....e-mail my contact info to Kim (you can view her blog here: www.acuppakim.com ) and wait for her to e-mail back with an assigned individual to select a mug for, then ship it direct to the recipient.

I was eager to learn as much as possible about my assigned recipient so that I could select a mug that she would adore.  I was thrilled to see that she is a homeschooling Mom... her blog had pictures of her home and I was more than excited to see she loved thrifting and all things vintage like myself!  Off to the store I went!  Ok, so one trip did not yield the perfect mug, but after a little more searching I found what felt "right".

Honestly, I can't get that pretty little mug out of my mind...I hope she loves it like I do!  And the BEST part?  Oh yeah, that AMAZING little bird inside the mug!

Of course the mug couldn't be shipped out without some other goodies, so I included some handmade bookmarks.  I boxed all the goodies, wrote a ship to that had California in the address (yippie, a friend in California now?  I know NO ONE there!)  (You can view my mug recipient's blog here:  www.thechildspaper.com)  All that was left to do was wait on MY mug to arrive!!!
There was A LOT of waiting, and based on how the box looked, I am thinking it must have been smack in the midst of Hurricane Isaac!!  My lifetime love panicked, he feared the mug was broken and knew my heart would be too!  Thankfully, all the goodness inside was safe!
Vanessa from www.purejoyandadoration.com sent me these GREAT goodies... she hit the nail on the head friends!  I heart thrifting (she noted the mug was thrifted), I heart milkglass, and I heart Texas!  Now I already have several special friends who live in the great state of Texas, but now I have a new one who I will think about everytime I see this fun reminder!  Vanessa and myself share so many common interests I just don't even know where to begin! 

HUGE thanks to Kim at www.acuppakim.com - MugSwap 2012 was such great fun, I'm looking forward to next year!
(If you are on Instagram and wish to view all the other MugSwap goodness, search #mugswap)


  1. Okay, I love mugs and love this idea from your friend. AND I LOVE the mug you picked out! That is mug perfection! I really enjoy reading your blog!

    1. So I intended on responding a month ago! Oops! Thanks so much for stopping by! The mug I purchased is from Hobby Lobby if you want one...I LOVE birds, so I was instantly attracted to it!