Friday, August 31, 2012

Looking Through Little's Lens

Parenting means new experiences for each of us, and today I am having one of those new experiences... I have had small "wow" moments along the way when Rooney has grasped a skill we have been working on, or he has surprised me with the ability to do something that I was unaware he was capable of. Today I am experiencing that new feeling of seeing a talent that my Rooney has; that as his parent of three years I was completely unaware was in that little body of his.  This is exciting, knowing that God has blessed each of my children with talents that will be revealed to us (and them) in time.

Rooney just turned three and we have made the decision as a family to homeschool.  Rooney is full of energy and eager to learn, so for the benefit of us all, our homeschool process is actually beginning at preschool age.  His behavior greatly improves when he has lots of activities planned to keep his mind (and hands!) busy.

I love documenting my life through pictures...not "perfect" pictures, but little moments throughout our day, so it has been important to me to take photos of Rooney as he begins his homeschool process.  Learning to use scissors and glue, sitting still for storytime, and even practicing hammering and using a screwdriver (basic skills that my little man loves and I am happy to foster).  He is very aware that I am always taking photos of him and he loves scrolling through our family pictures on Instagram.  One day recently while he was playing he asked me for his Daddy's old (broken) cell phone.  I laughed histerically as he held the phone in front of him as if he were taking pictures of Sister-girl.  He would tell her to smile, make a "clicking" noise with his mouth, and then tell her "oh yeah Sister-girl, that's a good one."  This went on FOREVER.  It entertained him for a length of time that very little has.

Watching his interest in taking photos I decided I would give him the opportunity to take some pictures for REAL.  I pulled out my old digital camera.  The 6 megapixel from the dark ages that I thought was Ahh-Mazing twelve years ago when I bought it as a college student.  I charged the battery, loaded it with a memory card and gave him a quick lesson on holding the camera still, looking at the "picture" through the screen on the back of the camera and then hitting the button once he liked what he saw on the screen.  I told him we would go on a nature walk and talk about all the beautiful things that God made and he could take pictures.

One of the BEST days of my life with Rooney.  Such a special time for us.  I put Sister-girl in the carrier (Baby Bjorn) and out the front door we went.  No special plans, just the three of us (well, and Jare dog, of course) exploring.  Rooney, camera in his hand and ready, starting taking photos the minute we hit the porch.

(I have not edited these photos...this is a look straight from Little's lens!)




All the makings of a great homeschool day... exploring God's beauty, finding a "new" talent within my Rooney (for a newly turned three year old and no editing, this is a PROUD Mama), and even a little exercise. 
I encourage you to also place a camera in your childs hand.  How beautiful to see this world from their view! 
And if you are wondering, there were plenty of pictures with his finger completely over the lens that didn't make the cut!

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  1. I LOVE the 4th one from the bottom. I'm impressed :)