Friday, July 13, 2012

Raising Rooney

No, I did not name my child “Rooney,” well – at least not on his birth certificate.  No, I did not intend on my blog being all about my children.  BUT, I did name him Jack….which quickly became “Jackarooney” -his beautiful little eyes lit up and his wide S M I L E appeared everytime it was said,  while rocking & singing & loving & doing all those things Momma’s do to their littles.  In time the name just stuck, and if you know him, then chances are you agree that Rooney was meant to be the child’s name.  Perfect fit.  Oh, and that part about my blog not being all about my children?  It won’t be… eventually.  I am a stay-at-home-and-in-town-and-anywhere-else-they-are Momma afterall.  Getting to know my children is getting to know me, so consider this more of the “welcome to Goodness Gathering” yada yada.

Our Rooney was not supposed to happen, at least according to the doctors.  God had other plans.  He rooted my faith by gifting me with this child and I am forever changed.  Raising Rooney is a blessing far greater than I could have ever imagined on my own.

Our Rooney is nearly THREE now ((completely in denial about that)).  His speech was slow to develop at first, but now it seems my genes have kicked in and some days there is no hushing him.  Indulge me as I share a glimpse of my Rooney since the beginning of this year…
I explain a “do” or “do not” scenario and ask, “do you understand?”  His response is always, “stand me.”

“Hold you?” Bless him.  He always wants to be held and this is how he asks.
When his dog, Jare, (I’m sure you will eventually meet him as well…) runs across the pasture leaving us he yells, “hold back Jare, hold back!”  His Daddy leaves for work and you hear, “hold back Daddy, hold back!”
Our Rooney is an eater.  A little foodie in this foodie filled family.  During lunch one day when I ate what was on my plate (only), he looked at my empty plate and said, “Mom, you fooled around and ate all the food!”  I’m sure he’s never heard me say “you fooled around…” – nope, not me!

On the fourth night of our Gospel Meeting this year, the preacher walked to the pulpit and my Rooney looks up and says “oh no, I sad.”  Yes, this still makes me laugh.  Laugh hard. 

Our house tends to be messy during the week (gasp now).  We play, we learn, we have fun…we make messes, ya’ know!  We pick up most evenings. Most. Ok, some.  Primarily because, well, lets be honest, if you pick up the toys at night and make them drag them all back out the next day it is like all new toys each morning and therefore it entertains them longer.  True story.  So, one night we were slackers (we, being me), and the next morning when Rooney came down the stairs from his bedroom he sees the messy living room floor and yells, “oh NO, Mom!  The house is broke-ed’d!” 

We work hard on manners here.  Yes, we are in the South, but I would like to think regardless of where we live that yes mam, no sir, thank-you, etc. would be essential training for the littles, and teenagers, and oh I don’t know, all red blooded American’s, but I digress… as usual.  Our Rooney is great about saying “excuse me” when he burps.  I suppose one day at the “lunch table” I was paying Sister-girl (you meet her soon!) more attention than him so he proceeded to pretend as though I was taking part in his little antics.  He fakes burps, says “excuse me,” then fake burps again, looks at me and says, “excuse YOU!”

I was really desperate for a nap one day when Sister-girl was really little, so I attempted to bribe him by allowing him to take his afternoon nap with me.  I still have no clue to this day where he had heard this, but I do know he had tried EVERYTHING it seems to talk me into getting up and skipping the nap….that’s when he sits up and yells, “Momma, a fire, a fire!”  Yes, we do need to read The Little Boy who Cried Wolf.

Sister-girl is not so carseat friendly, oh, 98.7% of the time.  While traveling to see their Aunt Weezer (apparently we are all about nicknames) recently Sister-girl was wailing away and interrupting his “ddd”.  Rooney shouts to me from the center seat, “give her sippy Momma!”  That was not an option but fortunately she hushed on her on just a minute later.  In my rear-view mirror I caught sight of him - he leaned over and looked at her and said “thank you!”

Rooney has a horse named Elmer and it has thrilled me to watch him speak to him every morning when he wakes on the farm.  It has not been too long ago when I watched as he ran to the window and said “Good Mornin’ Elmer, come in and say neigh!”

Nearly finished, I promise.  This is good stuff to a Momma, friends!  Many of my close friends will recall this-  When Sister-girl was just a few months old I laid her in the floor and told Jack to “let her kick around”.  Terrible choice of words for me to use with a two year old!  He looked at me with panic, said “ok, Momma” and then lightly kicked her leg!  He has such a kind heart and tries to obey so well, I could see the dilemma in his eyes but couldn’t respond to explain fast enough! 

He says Excodus (Exodus) and I can’t even attempt to spell Leviticus how he pronounces it! He eats “cancakes” and wants nearly everything served “wif cheese!”  He has a lot of favorite foods, but especially loves everything Mexican so he tells us he wants to “go to Mexico” when he wants to eat at a Mexican restaurant.  He says some things are “territable” and his job is to tell me if he sees “waps” (wasp) on the farm.  He loves going to “Hobbly Lobbly” and thinks every time we travel we are going to AldaBana (Alabama).  FYI, we have been to AldaBana once this year and he informed me “it’s spooky up in here,” when we checked into the hotel (which it wasn’t, promise, but it was midnight-ish).  He tells me “good idea” and “no worries,” and everytime a light switch is flipped on he says “good mornin’” with excitement!  He loves to use the adjectives cute, perfect, awesome, and beautiful.   He asks to “hold it?” when he wants to hold his sweet Sister-girl.  He refers to her as “trouble” or “T” frequently and I will never forget him telling her “hi baby, I Jack” when she was tiny.

I frequently hear parents predict what their child will grow up to be.  We are leaning towards cruise director.  He is a “planner” by nature, loves traveling & adventures, and does roll call ALL.THE.TIME.  Momma?  Daddy?  Sister? --- Momma? Daddy? Sister?  Yes, Rooney, we are all here.  Still here.  Yep, all of us…still here!

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  1. Great post on Jack, Katy! You will love that you have all this written down when he is older. P.S. Sean said "hold it" when he wanted to hold baby Katelyn. :)