Monday, July 16, 2012

Pinterest Pass or Fail - #1 - Sharpie Craft

Chances are you don't have to know me well, or maybe even know me at all, to know I'm a Pinterest addict.  My poor lifetime love just nods his head as I am continually on the lookout for some new baking pan, craft supply, or just plain 'ole piece-of-junk.  Pinterest is constant inspiration for me, and it seems no matter where we are my wheels are turning thinking of some "project" I have seen pinned. 

This will be a new addition to Goodness Gathering; Pinterest Pass or Fail.  I will try to frequently document my attempts at crafting, diy, & maybe even some cooking pins!  It's going to be a struggle to admit my failed attempts to you - but, I will, simply for the greater good of all involved ;)

The kiddos have been sick this past week, which has meant very little time for creativity, but let's be honest --- for sanity's sake I just had to S Q U E E Z E a little diy time in!

My Pinterest Pass or Fail #1 is an homage to all the recent pins using Sharpie markers on porcelain mugs.  Super fast, super inexpensive, & super cute - it certainly sounds like a win-win!

Pinterest has pins featuring multiple kinds of porcelain mugs being used, even an adorable tea pot.  I chose to use these great dishes found at a thrift store.  As long as it is porcelain, it should work!  The list of ideas I had after completing the project were rather lengthy, so put your creativity to work here & don't limit yourself!

You can select porcelain pieces from a thrift store or even Dollar Tree!  Just be sure to select a color that you are going to be pleased "writing" on.  Most pieces can be found for between 25 cents and $1 each.  Be sure to wash & dry the porcelain pieces thoroughly before starting the project.

While there are multiple pins on Pinterest that use specialty markers or paints to customize dishware, I was specifically drawn to the tutorials that simply used a Sharpie marker....something you likely have on hand.  The two Sharpie's shown at top are what most crafters would consider "standard" - they are labled fine point.  The Sharpie at the bottom was an extra fine point, I found it to be a no-go.  It would not write on the porcelain, so I am recommending the standard Sharpie.

Time to have some fun!  Write a message or scripture, draw, trace a child's hand - you do what YOU want!

Next, place your completed porcelain pieces in an oven on 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  ((This is the part where you completely ignore how my oven was not sparkly clean for pictures... recall, my children were sick  I'm a Mom, therefore it's never really clean)).

If your children are assisting you, please be super careful removing the HOT pieces from the oven.  They will need to cool for at least 15 minutes.  Important!  These are hand wash only  - but, they did PASS as they held up fine!

My Rooney is always talking about his "Uncle Rarry" & "Aunt Weezer," so we thought we would make them something special!  ((Yes, it's really Larry, and yes it's "Weezer" cause she's both a Steel Magnolia's fan and C R A Z Y ! Ha!  -----pic below))

We love you guys, now come pick up your GOODNESS!

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