Friday, July 13, 2012

14 on the 14th

1.      When staying in a hotel ALWAYS check the alarm clock before going to bed.  I’m not sure I have ever actually set one in a hotel (with the option of a wake-up call or using your cell phone I can’t imagine ever using one) BUT – apparently some folks do.  Or, rather some folks take great pleasure in setting the alarm and adjusting that BEEP to BLARING in hopes of really getting you moving when it’s your turn to use the room.  Sage advice I tell you – check the alarm, you’ll thank me later ;)
2.      Have you seen the “pin” on Pinterest for homemade granite cleaner?  I LOVE it!  I consistently use it to clean my granite and have found that it also works great on glass stovetops.  In a hurry I have used it on my stainless steel and been pleased also, although I would say Pledge (furniture polish) is still my go-to for cleaning stainless steel.  To make the granite cleaner simply mix 20 drops of Dawn (standard blue) with 2 cups of rubbing alcohol and 2 cups of water.  You can mix it directly in a spray bottle, just gently rock the bottle side to side to mix together so you don’t suds up the Dawn.  I also recommend writing the “recipe” on the side of the bottle with a Sharpie, it will save you the time of going back to verify it again when you are ready to re-make.
3.      As a parent, remember, the days are long, but the years are short.
4.     We are a leftovers  eating kinda family.  I know lotsa, lotsa, lotsa folks are not, but we just try not to let much go to waste around here.  Have you ever tried sitting a small (i.e. 1-2 ounces) cup of water in the microwave when you are reheating foods?  Be sure to use a microwave safe container, I recommend glass instead of plastic, but we typically find leftovers are discarded because they become dry & hard when reheated.  Adding a small cup of water adds moisture and allows the food to become rehydrated.  This also works great for bread that may be freezer burned!  We simply tried this one day needing to “revive” something out of desperation and it worked great – so great that we continue to do it!
5.     Are you addicted to your dvr like I am?  Did you know you can connect your dvr to an external hard drive and back it up?  Dish Network suggests doing this once a month.  I suggests following Dish Network’s suggestion!  I had a rather extensive ‘library’ of cooking & crafting shows and oh, I don’t know, like every episode of Backyardigans ever created on there – yes, lost ‘em all!
6.     God gave us mouths that close and ears that don’t. – Kay Halliburton, a sister in Christ recently shared this!
7.     When crafting, forego the “self threading needles.”  Trust me.  I have a pack if anyone wants them!
8.     Discovered almond butter yet?  Yum, yum, yum as Sister-girl says!  For a treat try almond butter cookies:  1 cup (unsalted) almond butter, ¾ c. Splenda brown sugar, 1 large egg, ½ tsp. baking soda, ¼ tsp. sea salt, 3 oz. dark chocolate broken into small pieces.  Preheat oven to 350 degrees and stir together first five ingredients until blended well, and then stir in the chocolate.  Drop dough by rounded tablespoonfuls onto parchment paper lined baking sheets.  Bake for 10-12 minutes until lightly browned.  Place on cooling racks and allow to cool 10-15 minutes.  (I kinda love them warm!)  This recipe from Clean Eating Magazine is both Paleo friendly and gluten-free!
9.      Per my toddler… just because your finger will fit in the jet on the side of the pool/hot tub, you should probably pass on that!  Thanks Rooney for teaching us all that fun lesson!
10.  Do you use Colornote or a similar app on your phone?  I’m addicted.  I always have my cell with me, so when inspiration hits I start typing!  Grocery lists, scripture I want to read frequently, prayer list, clothing sizes for everyone in my family, measurements for places furniture is “needed” in my home, favorite quotes, to-do list, cards to send (wow, so many lists!!) – you name it, it’s all there, always at my fingertips!  It is more eco friendly then having paper lists floating around everywhere and super convenient!  I will add that Colornote is free and if you really want to know how crazy I am I will tell you that I even have a list of all the (homemade) freezer meals I have ready!  No more digging through the freezer for me trying to decide what is for dinner!
11.  Do you use Instagram?  Discovering Pinterest & Instagram made me want to jump up and shout, “I have found my people!!”  Chances are you know about Pinterest if you are reading this, but I still have loads of friends who have yet to get on the Instagram bandwagon.  In my experience, Instagram has a huge network of women who are parents, bloggers, crafters, collectors, photographers, entrepreneurs, etc. They are a huge inspiration to me and frequently share supportive comments when I am not even expecting it.  Find me on Instagram:  goodnessgathering à simply click “follow”!
12.  Teaching a toddler “good manners” is exhausting and frankly makes me want to lose my manners some days, but don’t we all run into people who make us wish that their parents kept the faith, were consistent, and taught them some manners?!  Keep teaching this, friends… it may feel like a battle at times, but it is so important!
13.  Spend your years ripening instead of rotting.  Wow, right?  I think I need to write this on my bathroom mirror…
14.  I’m rather convinced that baking soda and vinegar can solve all the world’s problems, and chances are there is a pin on Pinterest for it, too!

Ok, you have stuck with me to the end of 14 on the 14th for July!  Now take a minute and send someone an actual card, you know, the one that lands in the real mailbox – a “just because” card… we can all use a little encouragement at times!

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