Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Spin on Photobooks for my Kiddos

Photobooks are super popular among the "mom crowd"  everyone these days.  I jumped on the bandwagon and started spending countless hours documenting everything I could with photos when my son was born nearly three years ago (yikes I don't like the idea of "nearly three").  Since that time I have learned A LOT.  I try to include random facts that my children "might" find interesting years down the road- prices of fuel & bread, popular artists & chart topping songs, commonly used phrases (ok, slang), etc.  I made a small book when my son was very little of only family, yes, that included the horse & dog, but I digress.  That book was designed primarily to entertain him during worship services.... I loved that age when simple photos of recognizable faces was so entertaining!  In early 2012 several friends started talking about "Who Loves ____?" books.  That's essentially what my small hands-on book had been for Jack during worship, but then having reached the age of two he was learning to recognize names written out; so what a great way to teach & entertain...not only include the photos of each special person in the child's life, but include text with their name large so it could be a teaching tool in more than one way! 

I really got excited once I started creating these books and for a few days my wheels were turning and I couldn't sleep (crafty, creative side of brain would never sleep if possible).  Why not make several "educational" photobooks?  Next in line was a "Where Does Jack Live?" book.  I am super pleased with the finished result.

I thought it was appropriate to begin this book with just who created the Heaven & Earth... can't start scripture too early, right?  ((Insert Amen now.))

I started this book B R O A D... Jack lives in the United States of America.  Jack lives in the Southern USA.  Jack lives in Tennessee.  Every couple of pages narrowed the scope, all the while including important photos- American flag, map of USA, images associated with the state (sports logos, state bird, state flag, outline of state on the map).  I listed Jack's address and pictures of his home & it's surroundings.  I was sure to include city & county where Jack resides.  You know, all that "stuff" we want them to know, but can make fun with photos!

I had a few additional pages remaining so I thought why not squeeze in a quick lesson on "seasons," including photos of what Jack's home looks like during each!

The book was finalized with photos of attractions & "such" that are important to our family in the area surrounding Jack's home.

Jack was SUPER EXCITED when his books arrived in the mail and I can't wait till Julianne is lighting up with excitement when she recognizes faces in her "Who Loves Julianne?" book.  Have you created any photobooks to be used for different educational purposes?  I am hoping to add to the collection as we go... please feel free to share your GOODNESS (experiences & ideas) in the comments section.  Thanks to all the Momma's who tossed these photobook ideas around with me this spring!


  1. Great idea and such cute books! Might have to do this....

    Jessie Lynn @Bloominthedetails