Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Goodness Gathering - Just diving right in...

So here I sit.  Blog name established.  Weeks spent on developing the “perfect” custom logo ((huge kudos to Shane Read Creative)).  A list of fifty-one, and counting, topics I want to discuss on the blog.  Suddenly, a new issue arises… the person who never is at a loss for words, is well, at a loss for words!  The creative part of me has been losing sleep over this for weeks, months actually, and now that it’s finally here I honestly just don’t know how to “start blogging” any other way but to simply dive right in. 
A small disclaimer first- I’m eight years removed from college, probably ten from an English class, so my grammar is frightful.  I’m kind of one of those make-it-up-as-you-go grammar kind of girls.  My apologies.

A quick Google search told me I should begin by telling my audience who I am.  Let me be honest…I’m thirty and I think what that means is I myself am still figuring out who I am!  I can tell you what I know to be true at this point- I am a Christian, living in the South. I’m married to my lifetime love...I chose him for a lifetime nine years ago and everyday I wake up and choose him all over again.  Our “Rooney” will be three years in August and “Sister-girl” is eight months.  They challenge me, teach me, better me and make me feel love in ways I never knew existed. 

I’m a blog addict.  Seriously need rehab.  I’m rather specific with my addiction.  I have friends who are super talented in writing their personal story & family life endeavors, and I enjoy following their blogs because of the personal relationship we share, but my real addiction is blogs which focus on DIY, crafting, home design, homeschooling, and foodie “stuff” (mixed with a little parenting advice of course, because it’s only natural that other mother bloggers inadvertently s q u e e z e that in occasionally)!  

So, it’s my aim that you will join me frequently at Goodness Gathering… sharing a collection of my interest and praying that I can help you in some small way make your HOUSE a HOME. 

If you're a junkin', farmhouse lovin, Pinterest time consumin', cake stand & mixing bowl collectin', polka dot likin', flip flop wearin', chocolate eatin' & coffee drinkin' kind of friend- well, you should find a perfect fit right here........... 


  1. Yay! I hope you have so much fun with this!!! My favorite thing about the blog is there are no grades given and no due dates...and you can use fun fonts, colors, and pictures of course :)